My New Design!

I switched to WordPress over a month ago and my BIGGEST concern was my design. I had no idea how to design for WP  and I was coming in completely blind. So needless to say I was thrilled when I found some really helpful sites and managed to get my design up and running fairly quickly!

What do you think of it? It’s definitely different. I wanted to go with a more simplistic look because that’s really more my style anyway. I plan to put more time and effort into my post setup and things like that too. I’m really unnaturally excited about my drop down menu! Most of the options are blank pages at the moment, but I’ll be fixing that over the next few weeks. I would love it if you grabbed my new button to replace the old one.

I think I will start offering WordPress designs in the next few months on my design blog. I need a little more practice first.


  1. I love it! Very clean and pretty.
    Karen (Attack the Stacks) recently posted..Waiting On Wednesday: Once by Anna CareyMy Profile

  2. I like it, it feels simplistic yet elegant. Well done! I had thought about going over to WordPress but it needs more consideration.

  3. I love it! So classic and pretty.
    Andrea @ The Busy Bibliophile recently posted..interview with sara zarr {author of how to save a life}My Profile

  4. I love your new design, it’s gorgeous!

  5. Very nice, but then I’d love your designs for a phone book. :)
    Kate- Midnight Book Girl recently posted..February 14: Top Ten Books That Broke Your Heart A LittleMy Profile

  6. I love it!  it looks really awesome!

  7. I see this design and its totally you! Its so cutesy and pretty! :-) 
    Valia recently posted..Happy Valentine’s Day Gift to You!!! – In His Eyes AnthologyMy Profile

  8. So pretty! I love it. :)
    Missie, The Unread Reader recently posted..My Book Boyfriend (56): Shadow & PoetMy Profile

  9. I definitely love the clean look! I hope you are happy with it
    Helen Murdoch recently posted..Review: Where Things Come Back by John Corey WhaleyMy Profile

  10. I loved the colors, it is very pretty, especially the purple. Love it!
    Mariana recently posted..Interview and Giveaway: Lisa ScottMy Profile

  11. I love it, it looks great :)
    Cindy recently posted..Happy Valentine’s Day!My Profile

  12. So pretty! I like your new design :)
    margie c recently posted..A Valentine’s Day Books with Love Hop!!!My Profile

  13. Hi there! This design is so clean and pretty! I totally love it. :) Love the colour combination, the font, the design for the comments section and the cute header. Looking forward to when you are offering WordPress design services.
    Josette recently posted..Day 6 – A book that makes me sadMy Profile

  14. I think it’s GORGEOUS. And thank you for all your posts/tweets about the switch to WordPress. Seeing you go through the move was the encouragement I needed…and my move just went off in the past 48 hours rather smoothly. Happy to be on Team WP now! :)
    Anna recently posted..The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder ReviewMy Profile

  15. Really like your new design. So cute, neat and simple :) And harmonic in it :)
    Congratulations on it :)
    ~MoonStar~ recently posted..Review: The Magician`s Nephew by C.S LewisMy Profile

  16. WOW! I love your new blog design, Lori!!!!! So clean and organized and nice!!!


    HD @ Reading Writing Breathing recently posted..Books to BUZZ About – 5My Profile

  17. OOOH I LOVE your new design! It’s very pretty, but simplistic. I cant’t believe you managed to do it so quickly without knowledge of design in WP! Congrats :)
    Rachelia (Bookish Comforts) recently posted..Required Reading: February 5-11, 2012My Profile

  18. Love the new design! I gotta say, I am with you on going for a more simplistic, clean look. My new design is the same concept…though I would if it is TOO simple. Lol.

    This whole doing your design yourself thing is really tempting…I have been waiting for over a month for my designer to install my new design. ~pout~ 
    Jessica recently posted..Valentine’s Day PicksMy Profile

  19. Oh, so precious! I really like it–you’re so talented when it comes to blog designs. How’s WordPress working for you? I still like Blogger but am just curious!
    Mary @ Book Swarm recently posted..Waiting on…LAST RITE by Lisa DesrochersMy Profile

  20. I really love your new design. It’s so pretty and simple. Just changed your blog button in my blog roll too!!
    Amy @ Book Loving Mom recently posted..Cover Reveal: Capture by Brina CourtneyMy Profile

  21. I love it! It’s pretty clean and easy to navigate!!! :)) Wonderful! 
    DannyBookworm recently posted..Review: The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa de la CruzMy Profile

  22. Jessica@a GREAT read says:

    OOoh I LOVE it!! Very pretty!

  23. I love pink so the colour is great and the design is lovely, Lori! Well done :)
    VeganYANerds recently posted..Aussie Mixed Bag: Joel and Cat Set the Story Straight, Six Impossible Things and Slice: Juicy Moments from my Impossible LifeMy Profile

  24. This is adorable! I love the colors and the simply overall look :]
    Jasmine Rose recently posted..Cover Lover {33}My Profile

  25. LOVE it! Very Pretty in Pink:) And like the others I love how clean and organized it looks, very easy to navigate! 
    Heather@ The Flyleaf Review recently posted..Waiting on Wednesday (6)My Profile

  26. Love it!!!!!!!
    Jill of The O.W.L. recently posted..My Sister’s Birthday – And the Books She LovesMy Profile

  27. Love the new design. It’s so clean and pretty. Glad wordpress is working out for you!
    Lucy recently posted..The Rivals by Daisy WhitneyMy Profile

  28. LOVE IT.

  29. Very cute. Simple IS refreshing.
    Amber/aLmYbNeNr recently posted..Winners: Follower Love Giveaway Hop!My Profile

  30. Very pretty, Lori! You are definitely talented when it comes to this stuff! Enjoy :)
    Olivia @ The Reading Enchantress recently posted..Waiting On Wednesday: Slide by Jill HathawayMy Profile

  31. I LOVE IT! My WP transfer will be finished very soon and I’m excited.

  32. I love it! Gorgeous!!!
    Beth Shaum recently posted..Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books That Broke My HeartMy Profile

  33. Wow! I love it! Beautiful colors! Sleek and clean! I want a design just like this! :) I don’t understand why everyone is moving to wordpress…it seems to be a fad right now.
    Holly (Lily’s Bookshelf) recently posted..Happy Valentine’s Day!My Profile

  34. It looks great! I think i like the simple look. It looks very professional.
    candace recently posted..Review: Bittersweet by Sarah OcklerMy Profile

  35. So pretty! But really, all your designs are.

  36. Looks great. Welcome to the WordPress club. 😛
    Cialina recently posted..Aurelia by Anne Osterlund: Book ReviewMy Profile

  37. Carol Wong says:

    I love the soothing color combination, it goes with the room that I am in!

  38. Cool. I love the color design and actually how simple it is. Very calming and soothing, like Carol said. 
    Ning recently posted..Hollow Tour Presents: BEFORE YOU GO by Ella JamesMy Profile

  39. I like it! Very simple, and I love the colors! Great job!
    Lolawid recently posted..Heist Society by Ally CarterMy Profile

  40. It looks great! Clean, easy to navigate and calming. Good job!
    Candice recently posted..Retro Reads Thursday: Dorothy ParkerMy Profile

  41. You did an awesome job for a newbie! It’s simple, clean and very beautiful!
    Janiera recently posted..Scholastic Names Their Top 10 Children’s Book!My Profile

  42. It’s pretty ! I like the colors, it’s so classy and inviting.

  43. It looks awesome! So very pretty!
    Sarah recently posted..Giveaway Winner: Follower Love Giveaway HopMy Profile

  44. Love your new design!

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