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YA on TV is going to be a new semi regular feature. It’s really just going to be an excuse to blab about TV shows and movies that I LOVE, but the main focus is going to be  TV shows and movies that appeal to me on the same level that YA books. (Not necessarily shows based on YA books…just shows that feel YA) Admittedly, I don’t watch a lot of TV but the shows that I do love feel rooted in YA. Sometimes I’m just going to gush about the show and sometimes I will recommend similar books. This edition is dedicated to Dawson’s Creek.

This was the show of my tween/teen years. I planned my day around it. No one was to disturb me while the Creek was on. The series started when I was 12 so I think that made it even more appealing because they were older and doing all these teenager-y things and OMG I wanted to be them so bad. It’s been a very, very long time since I watched an episode but I can still remember just how much I loved it. Sadly, I don’t I watched until the end. If I did I have no recollection of how it ended. I might have missed the last season or two…because I was a teenager by then and talking on the phone with boys became more important…

Did you guys love the Creek? Were you a Dawson & Joey fan or a Pacey & Joey fan? I was Pacey and Joey all the way!

Joey and Pacey image

Here’s a nice little montage/look back at Dawson’s Creek:


  1. Whoa, Dawson’s Creek!!!! This show came on my sophomore year of high school and I thought it was SO cool because they were sophomores too! (Or maybe they were freshmen and I was a freshman… clearly this was too long ago to remember). I was obsessed with it during the first couple of seasons, then lost interest… then regained it in college… then lost interest… And then there was the series finale. I rarely cry over TV shows – they have to be pretty gripping for me to – but I BAWLED over this series finale! I remember calling friends and saying “Did you see that?! Did you see what just happened?!” I was very happy with the way the show ended, but don’t wanna say why in case someone wants to watch this series now! So glad you talked about it today!!! :)
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  2. Love, love, love Dawson’s Creek! It’s a show that really symbolizes what teen dramas on TV used to be. Now it’s all Gossip Girl and 90210, a lot more scandalous and not as much substance. But I do watch shows like that. I just miss Dawson’s Creek!!! I  was a Pacey and Joey fan because I felt like Dawson got whiny. But my favorite character was Jack! James Van Der Beek is in a new sitcom, playing himself – how awesome is that! Great post :)
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  3. I was/am obsessed with Dawson’s Creek. Me and my BFF just started rewatching the whole series. I have every season on DVD. The last episode it amazing! Cried my eyes out. If you haven’t seen it you have to. It also ended the year I graduated High School and I felt like I grew up with the show and it couldn’t have ended at a better time. And I was Team Joey/Pacey all the way!!! How could you not be? Not to mention Dawson kind of got on my nerves. :)
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  4. I was a Pacey and Joey fan definitely !!!! It used to be one of my favorite Tv shows as well back when I was 15 or 16 ! One of my best friends and I used to be obssessed with it 😀 but I never watched the finale either…I started loosing interest when they all went away to college. I wasn’t too fond of the new characters that they introduced later on unfortunately.

  5. Aw, is there anyone who didn’t like Dawson’s Creek? I watched the premiere, then the rerun the next day. My BFF loved it even more, and we would have our regular recaps over chocolate ice cream and coke…. Those  were the days 😀

    Are you going to feature Roswell? That was my absolute favorite!
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  6. I loved Dawson’s Creek! I was Team Dawson. Like with all my teams the other side won but it was good show. I really loved the first two seasons especially.
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  7. I loved Dawson’s Creek. I was totally a Joey and Pacey fan!!
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  8. I loved  Dawson’s Creek (Gilmore Girls, Roswell), too. :) And yes, Pacey and Joey all the way!!! I didn’t like Dawson at all.
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  9. I was pacey all the way, he was my dream guy! i still drool when i see him on fringe. my now husband was my boyfriend back then, and he teased me endlessly about pacey, even changed his voice to a teasing tone whenever he said his name. i am 32 years old now, married for 13 years, mom of 4 kiddos, and have recently bought the first three seasons on dvd, and am spreading the love with my 13 yo daughter. I however missed the first 3 or 4 seasons while i was growing up, so starting from the beginning is pretty awesome for me, and i still need to finish buying the rest of the seasons. my daughter loves it, and i am happy to let myself escape from life, and remember how life was so simple back when the creek was on.
    my dad lived in wrightsville beach nc for a while, and when i went to visit him, his wife had a friend who worked where they did dawson’s creek, (filmed it), and she tried the whole week to pull some strings and get me a visit, but it was not meant to be, i was super super sad, but life goes on. (when i made that visit, my 13 yo daughter was about 3 years old) ha! how time flies!
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  10. I really love this feature, Lori! I enjoyed Dawson’s Creek as a teen but I don’t think I saw the final season or two and it’s something I’d like to go back and watch from the beginning, thanks for reminding me!

    And if I can get off the computer, I’m about to watch a couple more eps of Friday Night Lights 😉
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  11. Girl, I am a Pacey and Joey fan all of the way. I have all of the seasons, and repeat them all the time. It was a little sad how Dawson and Joey just had a one night stand (and to be completely honest that relationship didn’t work because of HER, she pissed me off, blaming Dawson about wanting a magical world when she couldn’t face reality). 

    I could talk and talk and talk about Dawson’s Creek. I just love it that much.

  12. I always wanted to watch this show, but never did. (Gasp!) It’s on my evergrowing list of shows that I want to watch before I die. :)

  13. Oh! I was always Pacey and Joey, and this was filmed not too far from where I live!! 
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  14. I also was 12 when DC premiered and I was hooked right away. My JJ crush started with the “Mighty Ducks” so I was excited to see him on television every week. Pacey is one of my favorite characters ever. The best character on the show. I’ve always been PJ all the way, even before S3. They didn’t even have a real talk until “Double Date” in S1, but that didn’t stop me from believing their was an attraction and wishing they would hook up one day. DJ was like a sibling relationship to me and them kissing felt like incest. I never missed an episode doing S1-S4, but I barely watched S5 and S6. I did watch the series finale in real time. I really enjoyed it. I finally re watched the show after many years and I still enjoy it. I never was a big fan of teen soaps or soaps, period, but really loved shows like DC and OTH, which was shot in the same location as DC.

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