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I did a post last week about why I moved to WordPress and my experience with it so far. I can tell you that my experience is definitely positive. I love WP and I couldn’t think of being back on Blogger now. My #1 reason for loving it so much is Plugins! That’s what this whole post is dedicated to.

If you’re wondering what a plugin is:

I’m going to start off with an explanation of what a plugin is. I think a lot of non-WP users aren’t clear on what they are. I couldn’t find a definition of Plugin that wasn’t super confusing so…here’s my definition:

A WordPress Plugin is basically something you download that extents the ability of your blog. You find a Plugin you want, you install it, and like magic it’s doing the work for you. The easiest thing that I can think to compare it to it Linkwithin for Blogger. Most of us use that and it’s the most comparable thing on Blogger. Except there are thousands of WP Plugins. Just about everything that you can imagine.
See WordPress Codex for the confusing definition.

How does a Plugin work, you may be wondering? Well, it’s really simple. There’s a Plugins section on the dashboard. You go there and you search for the plugin you want or you can browse the popular ones. Once you’ve found what you want you click install. Then you have to activate it and depending on the Plugin sometimes you have to go to its settings and set it up how you want. The majority of them as really simple and make life so much easier.

If you’re still a little confused maybe this will help. Here’s a list of my favorite Plugins and what they do. Listing my Plugins was inspired by this awesome post at Miss Remmers Reviews.

The Must Haves:

  • FD Feedburner — This one will redirect your feed links to your feedburner link. Which is very, very awesome.
  • Broken Link Checker — After switching, lots of my links were broken and this nifty little Plugin will find those broken links and list them for you. It even checks your comments.
  • Akismet — This is spam protection, so obviously it’s s must!
  • WPtouch — Makes your blog mobile!
  • Jetpack — This opens up many more options for widgets and such.

The Fun Stuff:

  • All in One Favicon — Easily set a favicon for your blog and your dashboard!
  • Share Buttons & the Pin It Plugin — Add the buttons to all of your posts in just a couple of steps.
  • CommentLuv — You’ve all seen this right? This is the one that picks up on your feed when you comment and adds your newest post link in!
  • Comment Reply Notification — This one will email your reply to the original commenter!
  • Duplicate Post — This will set up a new draft for you using the same template as the original post. This is super helpful for posts that are the same or mostly the same every week. Like my Saturday Situation posts.
  • Tweet Old Post — This will randomly tweet old post links for you. You do have to set it up to not post certain things, but I really love it!
  • WordPress Editorial Calender — See all you posts in a calender format and drag and drop them to the days you want. I love this one!
  • Thank You — I have this but I haven’t set it up yet. The first time someone comments on your blog it takes them to a special Thank You page that you set to say whatever you want.

The Plugins You Need:

  • All on One Webmaster — This one is just awesomeness. You can add all of you stat tracking sites without having to add something to your coding. Like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Sitemeter etc.
  • SEO by Yoast– I started out using this one, but now my StudioPress theme has SEO built in. This is a fantastic option for SEO.
  • WordPress DB Manager — This one backs up your database on a schedule set by you and then emails it to you. It’s so, so important to have a backup!

Some of the SEO and Webmaster ones can me a little hard to set up, but I always just Google and find a tutorial. There’s endless ones! For the most, though, they are super easy to set up and make blogging so much easier.

I hope that gave you a better understanding of Plugins! If you’re a WP user, what are some of your favorites?


  1. Wow this is what makes me want to switch. I love the sound of that calender one. It would be fab to see your posts like that. You can see gaps etc.
    If only it didn’t look so complicated :(

  2. Thanks so much for this! Just downloaded me some fancy new plugins :-)
    Lauren@The Housework Can Wait recently posted..Feature & Follow #96My Profile

  3. Those sound like very helpful plugins. Maybe someday I will switch to WordPress, but for now I am happy with Blogger. Thanks for all the info though. :)
    Amy @ Book Loving Mom recently posted..Cover Reveal: The Last Bastion of the Living by Rhiannon FraterMy Profile

  4. Hey Lori, since you love the Tweet Old Posts plugin, just curious – it says I have to authorize it to give it permission to follow new people. It isn’t going to follow random people willy-nilly, is it? I like to keep my feed a happy, bookish place :-)
    Lauren@The Housework Can Wait recently posted..Feature & Follow #96My Profile

  5. I’ve been really confused on the whole WordPress verus Blogger thing. Your doing an awesome job explaining it all, but I’m still really confused. haha I guess I personally just don’t see a need for a self hosted blog. At least not at this time. But I do have to say, I LOVE the simplicity of the wordpress designs I’ve seen. I think its what is attracting me to wordpress so much. Not the self hosting or plug ins. lol I may switch someday in the future but not soon as it seems to be pretty expensive. Thanks for explaining this again. I semi understand it. Sorta… haha
    Cristina @ The Princess Of Storyland recently posted..eBook Steals and DealsMy Profile

  6. Wow! You’ve definitely made WP sound desirable to me! I just know I’m not savvy or patient enough to do it. I DO love all those awesome plugins though!
    candace recently posted..Review: Of Poseidon by Anna BanksMy Profile

  7. I will definitely have to add the Comment Reply Plugin to my list ( I just installed it and am ecstatic! I’m always so frustrated because I don’t think people come back to look at the replies I post. This is perfect! Thanks!

  8. Plugins!!! Love them , love to install and simply test them and see if I like them or not!! 
    I LOVE the comment notification and I love seeing it on other blogs too because then I do not have to subscribe to all the comments but get a mail when I have a reply! 

    I also love WP Cache which makes your site load faster. You might not need it but my site is very image driven, I have tons iof images and grafics to load and this one is supposed to make it load faster. ( I truly hope it does) 

    Great Post :)  
    DannyBookworm recently posted..My Reading Spot Featuring ElodieMy Profile

  9. I cannot live without that editorial calendar! It is truly incredible and important for organization!
    Thanks for the All in One Webmaster plugin – I’m gonna check it out.
    Smash Attack recently posted..Cover Reveal: The Last Bastion of the LivingMy Profile

  10. I asked on the last post along with other stuff, but I think it got lost in the comments: What does SEO stand for?
    Amber/aLmYbNeNr recently posted..The King’s Concubine: England’s Most Scandalous MistressMy Profile

  11. Thanks for the plug-in tips! I’ve been using WordPress for years, but I always love finding out about new plug-ins and whatnot.
    Chantaal recently posted..Waiting on Wednesday (1) – What’s Left of MeMy Profile

  12. Ahh, this makes me want to switch to WordPress, but at the same time, I’m just starting out, and Blogger is hard enough to figure out, and I don’t have the money to switch to WordPress at the moment. But I love the sound of the widgets! Especially the Comment Reply Notification one – I recently got a reply from a blog that used it, and it was amazing. Anything remotely similar for Blogger? I doubt it, but I’m going to look into it.

    Thanks for walking us through this process :)
    Rachelia (Bookish Comforts) recently posted..Waiting on Wednesday *11* Time Between UsMy Profile

  13. I can’t wait to move my blog over to WP and start using some of these fantastic plugins….still trying to figure out how it actually works, but you’ve given me some awesome tips ~ one of my other blogger friends uses the comment email notification and that’s probably the MAIN reason I want to move to WP! ugh! want it now!

    btw, thank you so much Lori for these tips!
    Stacy (A Novel Source) recently posted..The Inner B*tches Book ClubMy Profile

  14. I’m still really new at blogging. I was using a WordPress site to blog then switched to blogging using my existing domain name (see above) but using WordPress to build it. Yet I haven’t figured out how to switch my followers over to the “new” and improved blog/site. Any tips? Thanks!

    • Are you talking about your subscribers? Do you have a Feedburner account? That along with the plugin that directs all you subscription links on your blog will lump all your subscribers into one group.

  15. Oops! I don’t think my website name showed up. It’s Thanks! 😉
    Olivia recently posted..The Flower Bowl Spell paperback is here!My Profile

  16. This is undoubtedly very good. WP Cache which makes your site load faster. This is important info & plugins are best for blogs. Thanks for this sharing.
    wordpress theme design recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  17. Thank yo for this list! I recently switched from blogger to wordpress, and I am clueless!
    JoAnne recently posted..The Sunday Story #25My Profile

  18. Oh, and I also discovered that the All in one Favicon clashes with the plug in shortcodes ultimate. So it’s one or the other. That’s just my observation.

  19. Maria James says:

    Thanks for sharing these wordpress plugins, there are some great suggestions for bloggers!

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