Reading with a Thirteen Month Old


I have a secret, I’m a horrible mom. Terrible. Why? Let me tell you. For the first 12.5 months of Finn’s life he hated books. He couldn’t stand being read to. The first 6 months or so he cried at every attempt. Like books were the worse thing in the world. Then he just got angry. Angry that he couldn’t crawl away, angry that I wouldn’t let him eat the book. Angry that we were sitting. Just angry.

What did I do wrong?! I didn’t read to him enough while I was pregnant, right? That has to be it! Really, in all seriousness though, I was pretty sad that he didn’t like it. I always had a silly image of getting all snuggle-y with my baby and reading to him. Sooo not the case lol. I tried so many different tactics but he was just too busy. I eventually just started reading to him while he played across the room. I was desperate.

Then a couple of weeks ago we were playing in his room and I decided to give it a shot. I sat him on my lap and started Little Blue Truck. He sat still the whole time and I finished the entire book. The entire book! I don’t think that had ever happened before! I was so excited but I thought it was probably a fluke but we finished another, and then another. We’ve read lots of books every day since then. My heart might explode from happiness! He even likes one book so much that he makes me read it over and over. He laughs at them too!

Finn's bookshelf

Also, because I was so excited that he’s enjoying them now, we bought his very first bookshelf. I was too excited when I came across this at Target. It’s just his size and perfect! He loves to go pick a book out.

I really just wanted to share my happiness. It’s been a hard  13 months with no fun children’s books. Stay tuned for a post about what we’re reading!



  1. Yay! This story made me smile, I worry about when I have kids if they will be readers. Neither of my sisters read for pleasure, but both of my husbands’ sisters do. Can’t wait to see which books you two are reading!
    Kristen recently posted..The Monster ReportMy Profile

  2. It’s so lovely that Finn has found his love of reading. I look after a BookCrossing shelf at my local church and the other week I watched as a Dad sat reading to two twin toddlers sitting on his lap. The peacefulness of it all was wonderful to see.

  3. What a lovely turn-around! I am so happy for you that you get to enjoy books with your boy now. This had me grinning at my desk.
    Cecelia recently posted..cookbooks for daysMy Profile

  4. Yay for reading to children! If I have any (doubtful because right now I can’t afford a baby) I will be reading to mine too. Yay!
    Johannah recently posted..Life UpdateMy Profile

  5. Some kids really enjoy reading and others don’t. I dream of reading my children books before bed. I’m especially excited to share the little house on the prairie series with them. I really hope my children will develop a love for reading.

  6. Awww my heart melts for you. How exciting to see Finn loving books now!
    Chrystal recently posted..The Sweet Spot by Stephanie Evanovich | Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  7. Not gonna lie, one of my life fears is having a child that hates reading :) Loved reading your post! Glad he’s liking books now.
    About to Read (YA) recently posted..The TakingMy Profile

  8. Awww what a great story! Love that Finn has started having fun with books. Cute bookshelf too!
    Lucy recently posted..Top Ten Authors Whose Books I OwnMy Profile

  9. Yay! My son didn’t like books before he was about a year old either. Now at 5, he loves to have me read to him. We read a story every night before bed, and often have a random reading session on the weekend where he makes me read all the books.

    I love your shelf. Having the covers out is great for kids. I find my son is much more likely to grab a book if he sees the cover, and not just the spine. We made special shelves for his room so I could display his library books in a way that he could see them.
    Sarah recently posted..Review: Third Grave Dead AheadMy Profile

  10. Eeeeeek! So excited for you! Marko loves to have me read the same book over and over and over again too :). At the moment, it’s Sandra Boynton’s Opposites.
    Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads recently posted..Marko Monday [11]My Profile

  11. Aw I’m glad he came around and loves to sit and read books with you. That is awesome! I hope when I have a kid someday that (s)he will read with me.
    Alexa recently posted..Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors I Own The Most Books FromMy Profile

  12. Such a cute bookshelf! My father-in-law put up vinyl gutters for me(saw the idea on Pinterest), and I love having the covers all facing out. They’re like works of art themselves! My son wouldn’t hold still either when he was younger. I combatted it by reading to him when he got his milk before bedtime. He was happy to drink away and look at the pictures! =)
    Leanda Wallace recently posted..Ready. Set. WRITE! (Week 8)My Profile

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